Is Subway Surfers coming to BlackBerry 10?


Subway Nope, sadly that account was not official. The official account has since responded but made no mention of plans for BlackBerry 10.

Chances are that if you have friends with either an Android smartphone or an iPhone they would have played Subway Surfers as it’s been massively successful. I’ve played it myself and while it isn’t really my favorite style of game I can certainly see the attraction. It seems that we could (maybe) see the game making its way to BlackBerry 10 in the not too distant future.

In the depths of the some forums, posts of a couple of screen caps of the developers saying on Twitter that Subway Surfers “will be out soon for BlackBerrys, has been seen.

With the game recently hitting Windows Phone it would make perfect sense for BlackBerry 10 to be next. I just hope that the tweet was genuine as I can’t seem to find it on the developers timeline – but then again, I could just be blind.

Fingers crossed. Hands up who’s excited?


Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year


Graphic1One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the new year. In warm appreciation of our association during the past year, I am saying thank you all and God bless you abundantly in the coming year.


15 Most Enterprising Students, Xtreme finds a space..


The famous MEDIPHIL magazine (a publication of the KB KLUB) has been releasedphoto 3, tagged MEDIPHIL 2013. I must confess that I have always wanted to own a copy of this magazine ever since I got into medical school. Not knowing that I was indirectly working towards owning one “with style”. This year’s edition is out and features a lot of wonderful articles such as: Before I Die, HOPE: Devoid of Despair, ASUU Strike & its ripple effects (featured on ) and of course 15 Most Enterprising Students in Medilag and lots more.

So guess what, your boy “XTREME” got a space on the list of 15 most enterprising students in Medilag :). A great achievement, this is to me and I am very grateful to God, my “customers” who have been so wonderful with recommendations and of course to KB KLUB for
photo 4the recognition and the free copy of Mediphil too. 

It has not been easy but I am thankful to God for bringing me this far. There are over a hundred entrepreneurs in med-school, trust me. To be among the first 15 is a big deal considering the hectic lifestyle of being in Med-school. I also congratulate other colleagues that made the list, God bless you and take you higher.

Thank you all once again for the support and love because I really don’t feel so ‘formal’ after all, when I am talking business with my customers. God bless you all abundantly as you continue to patronise XtremeTech. Together we will make it to the top of the ladder and I promise to always give you all my best shot..

photo 2

Let the love keep coming. XtremeTech will always be there to serve you with the world class services, unbeatable affordable prices, on-time delivery, money back guarantee and more.

Thank you and God bless you.

Yours sincerely,

LegendarYHustlah “Xtreme” 😉


My iPhone Smells Like Popcorn!


High-res graphics, stereo sound, touchscreens — gadgets have offered multisensory delights for years now. But with rare exceptions such as the wonderfully-named 2001 flop DigiScents iSmell, our devices have rarely put our noses to work.  image15

Enter Pop Secret — yes, the popcorn people — and their new iPhone accessory, the Pop Dongle. Powered by its own battery and rechargeable via USB, the gizmo looks like a giant smiling piece of popcorn and plugs into your phone’s headphone jack. And when you play a popcorn-themed game called Poptopia — a free App Store download which doesn’t require the Pop Dongle — it emits a burst of popcorn-scented goodness every time you swipe a flying butter pat.

How does it work? Along with sound effects — which the Pop Dongle plays over its built-in speaker — the game sends a special audio code over the headphone jack when it’s time to give the player a sniff of buttery corn. On cue, the Dongle then vaporizes a spritz of popcorn-scented oil which wafts into the air.

And…it really does smell good! Although the Pop Dongle I tried had an admirably popcorny scent even when it wasn’t plugged into the iPhone: I stored mine in my backpack, and found that it left the interior infinitely more pleasing to the nostrils, like a potpourri sachet. Only better.

As you’ve already surmised, the Pop Dongle is a publicity-generating stunt for Pop Secret. As of right now, though, it isn’t a commercial product. The company produced only a limited run, and isn’t selling them via conventional channels. It is, however, auctioning off three of them on eBay, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. Bidding on the one that’s up right now stands at $280 as I write this. I wouldn’t pay any more than about four percent of that figure purely to get the Pop Dongle experience, but hey, it’s a good cause.

Of course, there’s an easy way to generate much the same effect for less than a dollar, and it has the added advantage of being delicious. Just play Poptopia — and eat freshly-made popcorn while you do it.



Even after nearly a decade of modern social networking, we’re still having trouble grappling with privacy. We’re not talking about when some server is compromised and your password ends up for sale in the seedier parts of the internet — no, this is about our own management of our own privacy.

What are we supposed to be posting on Facebook and Twitter and Google+? What shouldn’t we be posting? Can we depend on the privacy features these social networks offer, or should we just assume that if we post it online behind supposedly closed doors that it’s not necessarily going to stay behind those closed doors? And once it’s online, is it yours anymore anyway?

Do our employers have the right to see what we’re posting online? Should they care? And how are we supposed to teach our children how to properly and safely use social networking when we’re clearly failing at doing so ourselves?

Social networking can be awesome, and it can be dangerous. Just how are we supposed to manage our own social privacy?

Let’s get the conversation started!

Xtreme Technologies Wows Customers with Incredible Price Slash


190291_154125477982771_1879705_n Xtreme Technologies a.k.a XtremeTech is offering an incredible 45% off all goods and services. As we all know, the company is a fast rising enterprise that is into sales and repairs of phones, laptops and other gadgets. Owned by OWOKONIRAN BABATUNDE, a final year (thanks to ASUU) student of PHARMACY in the reputable University of Lagos. The company however is doing quite well, with customer database constantly increasing.

First set of customers were fellow students of the college and those of the main campus in Akoka, then to lecturers of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and then those of other faculties. Now the company can boast of having numerous customers who are not members of the University society at all. All these was achieved by grace of God and hard work which has led to recommendations.

This yuletide season, the company has decided to show appreciation by surprising the customers, old or new, with a 45% discount on any good bought or service provided. Yes 45%, it’s a lot but it’s a just a way of showing gratitude to the society…

So why waste more time, give us a call today and be assured of getting top class quality service from us..

Call us today: 07087874977, 07035737475

follow us on twitter: @xtremetechunltd

That “dislike” icon you have always wanted on facebook, is here!!


Facebook has introduced a new set of stickers for the Facebook Messenger service. These are all variations of the famous Facebook Like icon showing a thumbs up gesture, with the hand showing other gestures, including a much requested thumbs down or Dislike gesture that Facebook would probably never implement on their site. So you can’t yet Dislike a post but now you can at least send them a sticker on Messenger.

gsmarena_001 For those not aware of Facebook stickers (or are possibly embarrassed to admit), these are small static or animated images that you can insert in your chat. They come in packs with a particular theme, such as the Pusheen pack or the Cut the Rope pack and you have to download them from within the Messenger app to use them in your chat. This feature isn’t particularly new and several IM apps have been using it for a while now but Facebook only introduced it earlier this year.

You will find the new Likes pack in the store section of Facebook Messenger sticker drawer.

Now, we don’t have to “like” everything.. Even this post.. 😉

This gold plated BlackBerry P’9982 will set you back about 1 million naira


gold-p9982 (1)

As if $2,400 wasn’t enough for your “basic” BlackBerry P’9982, it looks like a gold plated version is available for almost triple the price. We’ve seen plenty of BlackBerry devices get the gold treatment in the past so this one really comes as no surprise, but it’s safe to say that most of us won’t see this one under the tree on Christmas morning.

As seen in the image above, the device is sporting gold plated trim but remains unchanged otherwise. If for some reason you have money to burn it will set you back about £3895 (about $6400 USD or 1million naira) so it’s safe to say it’s a bit out range for most wallets. For that kind of cash you could pickup around two dozen Z10s to give out for Christmas or a 2003 Honda Accord, Lol — probably a much wiser investment.

Though it’s quite an outrageous amount for a phone, I will not be surprised when it starts to flood the Nigerian market. Nigerians have been recognized to know “How to spend this money :-)”

SOLO Launches Multi-Purpose Devices Into Nigerian Market


With mobile technology increasingly transiting from voice-centric to multi-purpose platforms, SOLO Phone, a Nigerian smartphone maker, has continued its push into emerging markets by launching two multi-purpose devices – SOLO S350 and S450 – into Nigeria’s already competitive smartphone market.

With relatively affordable prices and an Android Jelly Bean-powered operating system, Solo comes into the Nigerian market with an offer of “a unique experience on a premium smartphone,” said Tayo Ogundipe, CEO Solo Phone Nigeria Ltd.

According to him, SOLO brings to consumers a dual-SIM multi-services platform with streaming on mobile, innovative hotspot solutions (Kiosks), promising 2-3 minutes to download movies powered by Nollywood streaming company, iROKOtv. The smartphone also features an entertainment hub with easy access to albums, charts and free download of up to 20 million songs (local and international) for the life span of the device.

The device is a new idea that will bring the true promise of mobile telephony to emerging markets, Head of Qualcomm West Africa, Alex Dadson said.

According to Dadson, the idea behind SOLO is a multi-services platform that enhances the experience of the consumer. “This will allow costumers access several services on one platform, thereby enhancing productivity which drives economic growth.”

SOLO, which describes itself as “not just a device manufacturer but an mobile content provider targeting emerging markets”, will have to compete with established brands like Samsung, Tecno, HTC and Nokia jostling for market share in Nigeria.

“The beauty of the smartphone industry is that nothing is set in stone…it is about innovation, strategy and staying on top,” Ogundipe quips.

“The ambition for SOLO is to bring to emerging markets the same complete experience Apple used to reshape the industry by bringing iTunes and iPhone together in a complete ecosystem which fundamentally changes the use of mobile.”

Although the smartphone is manufactured abroad, SOLO is 75 percent-owned by Nigerians and has already opened an experience centre in Computer Village (which I have visited), a vibrant IT hub in Nigeria’s economic capital, Lagos.

2                             4

SOLO S350                                                                                    SOLO S450


At their affordable prices, I must say that these phones are definitely going to be competitors with brands like Tecno, Infinix, G TIDE and others. While brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry have little to worry about as they have a huge number of “loyal” users.

As an IT entrepreneur, another issue that I will pull your attention to is, whether these phones are durable enough for the “Nigerian” user and whether or not they will be easily repairable in Nigeria, as regards availability of replacement parts in case of damage..

Well, our fingers are crossed.. Good Luck SOLO!!

How to Downgrade BBM 8 to BBM 7


Some of you might consider this post as LATE but I think it’s still worth it. I have heard a lot of people complain about the new BBM 8 and requesting to downgrade to the “traditional” BBM 7, for different reasons: some say it makes their devices slow and unresponsive, others say it doesn’t have a user-friendly interface.

So I am going to take my time to explain how to downgrade from BBM 8 to BBM 7, in hassle-free steps…

1. Select your device OS

2. Click the link

3. Start downloading, replace and install

4. Reboot phone and all is done.

OS 5

OS 6

OS 7

OS 7.1

Thank me later 😉